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Ms. Lavanya Kanduri

Chairperson & Dean

Manson Center of Excellence
School of Business Management

Message from Dean

At Manson Center of Excellence, we strive towards shaping the capabilities of our students to evolve as future leaders who are extremely competent, innovative, flexible and empathetic in using knowledge, tools and concepts whilst drawing on their understanding of the real world and global awareness.

The culture of being a professional & the ethos of continuous learning is what we endeavor to assimilate in our programs:

Lavanya Kanduri

Message from Voice-Principal

Being Vice-Principal at Manson, I oversee the delivery of academics to the students as per the prescribed curricula. At Manson, we strive for excellence in education, in a conducive environment. Our faculty team brings great ability gained by vast experience.

The team is made up of a combination of experienced academicians, researchers & industry trainers. We have an excellent team of faculty, administrators, counsellors & mentors to nurture and support our students. We impart training through creative teaching methodologies.

S Gayatri

Ms. S Gayatri


Manson Center of Excellence
School of Business Management