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Inspiring brilliant minds. Developing tomorrow’s innovative & empathetic global business leaders with care while assuring a dynamic learning experience.

Engaging Learning Environment

Manson fosters a dynamic and lively atmosphere, promoting strong mentor-mentee relationships and lively interactions. The emphasis on faculty with rich academic experience ensures a comprehensive learning environment.

Practical and Collaborative Approach

The convergence of academic expertise with industry practices, coupled with a two-way learning process between faculty and scholars, highlights a practical and collaborative educational approach at Manson.

Career-Ready Focus

Manson emphasizes knowledge distribution, support for scholars, and the cultivation of a dynamic learning experience, all aimed at facilitating the successful preparation of scholars for their future careers in the business world.


Igniting Success in Business Education.

Studying business administration at Manson School of Business (MSB) is made an enriching learning experience. We at MSB, aim to help our students develop an artistry to become tomorrow’s global leaders. We groom our scholars to be ready to think critically, enable them to adapt to changing business panorama and develop an expanded world view.
Manson School of Business is committed to provide you with the knowledge you need to create and make full use of the opportunities you need to succeed. To enhance your skill set with the aim of making you a competent business professional. We strive continuously to ensure that you will receive a level of excellence in business education that will help you not just launch your career but be ready to take on challenges.



Manson School of Business appears to prioritize a supportive and engaging learning environment, with a strong focus on mentorship, practical knowledge, and preparing students for successful careers in business administration.

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Years Of Experience Faculty
Faculty Rich In Academic & Industry Comprising Of Research Scholars Industry Experts
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Placements Assistance
98% Of Our Students have been recruited Mock Interviews Practice Specialized Soft Skills Training

Course and Academic Programs

B.Com Courses

Specialized business knowledge, emphasis on financial acumen, versatile career paths, and a global perspective for adaptable professionals.

BBA Courses

Foundational business education with a focus on practical skills, internships, and preparation for diverse entry-level roles or further studies.

MBA Courses

Leadership development, specialization, networking, real-world application, and a catalyst for career advancement in managerial and executive roles.


Startup Of The Year Appreciation Award 2021

In line with our endeavour to feature some phenomenal start-ups for the year 2021, we decided to highlight the story of Manson School of Business that has recently dipped its feet in the business education industry. For this, we sat down for a freewheeling conversation with the Chairperson — Lavanya Kanduri. This session was quite informative and we came back with some food for thoughts that our readers will find inspiring.

Certificate of Appreciation Award 2024

Manson School of Business is honored to receive a Certificate of Appreciation, recognizing its significant impact as a business school. The accolade specifically applauds Manson School of Business commitment to providing quality education, solidifying its reputation as a highly regarded institution in the field. This acknowledgment reinforces Manson School of Business dedication to excellence in academia and its ongoing contributions to shaping future business leaders.



Internships and Placements

Manson ensures career success through diverse industry connections, structured internship programs, and tailored placement support services.

Teachers and Careers

Embark on a rewarding teaching career at MSB, where your expertise merges with a vibrant learning environment, nurturing the next generation of business leaders.